MY Meds Medication Assistance and Health Ministry
Caring for our neighbors in the Toe River Valley

Our Clients

$100 sponsors a MY Meds client with a year’s supply of life-saving medications!

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Are you uninsured?
Do you have an chronic illness requiring prescription medications?
Do you have trouble paying for food, fuel, and medications?

MY Meds Medication Assistance Ministry can help!

Call MY Meds Coordinator Paula Smith at (828) 766-6337 or (828) 678-0410 for more information and income guidelines.

MY Meds can help you
  • obtain prescribed medications that are too costly for you to afford
  • get referrals to other community resources in the area to meet food, utility, medical equipment, and healthcare needs   
  • apply for Medicare Part-D or choose a new plan
  • access free or low-cost hearing aids, glasses, nebulizers, and sleep apnea equipment.

 With MY Meds’ help, qualified clients secure all their medications for free. Medications can be picked up at your pharmacy or physician's office, or they can be mailed to your home. MY Meds does not secure any pain medications.

People Living in the Toe River Valley

  • 18% of the elderly are living in poverty.
  • 15% of the people are uninsured 
  • 50% of grandparents are caregivers and/or responsible for their grandchildren.
  • The Valley has lost a tremendous amount of industry, and healthcare resources are limited, making this area one of the neediest in North Carolina
  • Many are making difficult choices between paying for needed medications or food.

The Typical MY Meds Client
  • The average age of our clients is 48, with clients ranging from 10 to 90 years old.
  • Their average yearly income is $19,600.
  • Clients average a need for 4 medications, which totals nearly $3,800 a year that they would have to pay out of pocket (with MY Meds' help, they receive them for free!).
  • Clients include seniors living in poverty, the uninsured, grandparents responsible for grandchildren, and families struggling through unemployment.
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